Nutley Music Boosters sponsor a variety of fundraisers. Some benefit the groups as a whole, some benefit individual groups. As you explore what we have to offer, we hope you will consider supporting our music programs.​

How Music Boosters Fundraisers Help our Students

  • Purchase of new equipment

  • Senior Scholarships

  • Summer Music Program Scholarships

  • Supplying water, food and snacks to marching band members during camp and at football games

  • Bus transportation

  • Honor seniors at annual Music Awards Dinner

Student Accounts

The Nutley Music Boosters will maintain a special account for students in their name. Fundraising credits earned during the year by the student will be added to his account. Activity statements will be provided approximately once a quarter.

  • For current student account balances, please email Teresa Bonilla at

  • Credits can be used for payment of the following, which includes but is not limited to Band Camp, trips, performance attire or event tickets.

  • Any student credits earned by participating in fundraising remain the property of Nutley Music Boosters and cannot be disbursed in the form of cash or a check to a Music Booster member.

  • Student Account funds carry over from year-to-year.

  • If a student leaves the music program (prior to graduation) and has credits in his account, those credits will be held in the student’s name for his use should he ‘officially’ return to the program. His account will stay active but should the student not return, then upon his graduation, those funds will be credited to the General Fund.

  • Senior Student Accounts may be passed only to siblings currently in the Instrumental program at the high school level, upon a written request from parent/guardian NO LATER THAN September 30th. Unused funds that are not submitted to be passed on to a sibling will revert to the NMBA General Fund on October 1st.


Student Account Fundraisers (All are NHS Student Account Fundraisers, unless noted)


This is for both NHS and JHWMS Student Accounts

Chairperson: Laurie Ritacco

Student Account Credit: 30% personalized items and 40% for all other items

Online Catalog Sales Only.  Items are shipped directly to purchaser.


Charleston Wrap features gift wrap, candles, household items. personalized gifts, gourmet foods, kitchen items and much more!  This is perfect for Christmas and holiday shopping while adding valuable dollars to your student’s account.




FALL MUMS FUNDRAISER - July - September 5, 2020
Coordinators: Sal Scarpelli and Maria Alameda

Click Here for Flyer and Order Forms


This will be our 4th Annual Fall Mums and Plant Sale!  Ask anyone that has purchased these plants in the past, and they will tell you how beautiful they are!  Up to 40% into your student account!


FOOTBALL MANIA – July – August 30, 2020

Coordinator: Michele Holler

$14 for every $20 ticket sold goes into your student account

Contact Michele at or text 973-519-2337 to arrange pickup.

Online Ordering:


After a very successful first year, some students paying for their California Trip in full, we are bringing back Football Mania. To play the game, participants simply add up the points scored by their 3 teams. Every week, the 15 highest scoring game cards and the 3 lowest scoring game cards all win prizes  Last year, Music Boosters had many winners each week winning up to $400 multiple times!


MARKET MANIA – July – October 2020

Coordinator: Michele Holler

$14 for every $20 ticket sold goes into your student account

Contact Michele at or text 973-519-2337 to arrange pickup.

Online Ordering: 


Not into Football?  CharityMania now offers game cards based on the stock market!  This is also a great opportunity for those not able to participate in Football Mania to raise money during the Fall as well!  To play the game, participants simply add up the % stock price gain (or loss) for all 3 of your companies in a given week. Each week, the 33 cards with the best combined stock price % change, and the 5 cards with the worst %, win prizes!




Amazon Smile

Gertrude Hawk Chocolates

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Grocery Gift Cards

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